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De Kort van Schaik

Key Features:


‘The most beautiful spot in the Netherlands’; that is the description of this country house in the marina ‘t Raboes according to the owners. Located on the Eemmeer, a place in the middle of nature, and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The architect has created a connection with the outdoors in, utilising large fixed skylights from Glazing Vision to bring daylight into the house and frame the surroundings.


Bringing in daylight with large minimalist skylights was a key requirement for the architect. The horizontal application of large glass surfaces demands a lot from the design and after many discussions, the architect was confident that Glazing Vision was the rooflight manufacturer that could implement what they had in mind.

No framework in sight. Insulated glass with excellent insulation values. Glass that blends seamlessly into the architect’s design. A way to bring the outdoor feeling inside.

Three multipart skylights have made this architectural vision become a reality. The back-to-back angles fit in very well with the rest of the modern contemporary interiors. To make it possible to darken the rooms, Glazing Vision has applied custom-made sun protection from Topshade.


At the spot where the river Eem flows into the Eemmeer, architect De Kort van Schaik designed the country residence ‘t Raboes. The clients wanted to create a place where they could fully experience nature, but also withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The house consists of three parts, connected by three covered terraces. Concrete walls and floors which blend seamlessly into the environment and large windows that frame the polder landscape.

All energy on ‘t Raboes is generated locally. The solar cells on the roof of the marina building supply electricity. A heat pump that uses the surface water of the Eemmeer provides heating for the house and swimming pool. In the living areas, wood stoves have been used, all which use wood from their own grounds, providing readily available extra heating capacity.


A beautiful contrast is created by the yellow epoxy bathroom furniture, designed by Sabine Marcelis. A piece of furniture consisting of a bath, wash bath and shower stands as a free-standing sculpture in the concrete bathroom. The skylight forms a completely frameless glass roof, which gives you the feeling of being outside even more. Sabine Marcelis states that she has designed her dream bathroom. The subtle rotation of the furniture gives you a fantastic view of the landscape from the bath.

Taken aback by this stunning property, the architectural press has been impressed with all aspects of the design. De Volkskrant gives the Huis op ‘t Raboes five stars. “The Rotterdam architectural firm De Kort Van Schaik designed a house in which you live with the elements and at the same time are protected against them, thanks to a thick concrete coat.”

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