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Cox Architects

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Located within the Hammersmith & Fulham area of West London, this four-storey property has benefitted from the installation of Glazing Vision’s Skydoor rooflight. Providing not only an abundance of natural daylight to flow throughout but also unlocking the potential of the roof terrace, providing fabulous views over the city.

In many buildings, the roof area is left underutilised, and a roof terrace can help you to make the most of the space, while also creating a stylish multi-purpose area perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and even working.

Space is often at a premium in the UK. In most of the country, around 20 per cent of households live in flats, many of which have no garden or balcony space. The problem is compounded in London where just over half of the accommodation is apartments.

Cox Architects were quick to establish the benefits of extending upwards and the rewards that could be gained from doing so in this 700 ft² roof extension and complete remodelling of a four storey mid-terrace property in West London.

Key to the project was to bring through an abundance of natural daylight, despite the enclosed element of this terraced property. Alongside opening the roof-top terrace, allowing it to be utilised as an outdoor living space.

Cox Architects considered a few options for the best way to access the terrace, firstly looking into a sliding box rooflight but given the costs was ruled out. Secondly, a flat sliding over fixed rooflight was considered, however due to its qualities as a ventilation rooflight, rather than an access product, it did not allow the necessary headroom from the stairs below.

Finally, and after detailed discussions with Glazing Vision, the Skydoor hinged access rooflight was suggested as it was able to provide the correct size opening, good thermal performance and easy operation required, giving physical access to the roof terrace above whilst flooding the lower levels of the flat with natural daylight.

Not only was the Skydoor rooflight able to offer a contemporary design, which complimented the urban aesthetic of the building’s remodelling, but also a number of outstanding technical benefits.

A low-profile, thermally broken hinged unit that has allowed the residents to comfortable exit out onto their otherwise unused flat rooftop, with the added advantage of the glazed lid section providing a safety barrier when completely open.

The unit can be manufactured with large, high-quality, low emissivity double or triple glazed sections to enhance the natural daylight and provide superb thermal performance.

The Glazing Vision Skydoor rooflight also offered critical safety features for the developer. Fitted with soft-close mechanisms that are pressure sensitive and proximity sensors, which, when triggered by obstructions, temporarily stop the unit from opening/closing, the Skydoor rooflight provides safe and easy access onto the roof terrace.

By unlocking the additional space on to this well sought after property in West London, the developer has successfully added an “extra room” where the residents can enjoy outside living all year round, and entertain their friends – all at the touch of a button.

When managing a complex project, there is often some concerns regarding the risks involved. However, working alongside Glazing Vision helped to ease the concerns for Cox Architects and the property developer, Sarah Wain Property Developer.

Working with the team at Glazing Vision, forward planning around the logistics of getting the rooflight into position on the roof, meant that there were no delays and the project was able to move smoothly.

“The Skydoor is an excellent product which fit perfectly into the design concept.” Steve Cox, Cox Architects.

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